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Kirsten Petermann
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My kids (currently ages 11 and 9) have been a part of Hero Academy for about three months now, and I can't overstate what a positive experience this has been for our entire family. It can be intimidating to go to a place that's new to you, to learn something you've never tried before, and to do it with people who have been doing it for longer. Leaders and fellow students alike have been incredibly welcoming of our family, and as I've watched newer families come in after us, I see them experience the same welcome and encouragement that we did. It's a place that pushes my kids to embrace challenge and excel no matter the obstacles that are in front of them. They are challenged mentally and physically, and encouraged to keep pushing and trying when something feels too hard at first. They are learning the rewards of consistent practice and discipline in a community and with instructors who are committed to seeing each student grow and succeed. If you're on the fence at all, I encourage you to give it a try. Before our trial week, I was hesitant and a bit nervous, but I can tell you now that we've gotten more from our time here than I ever dreamed possible. We have come to love our Hero family, and I can't recommend emphatically enough that you give it a try.

Victor Cintron
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I joined Hero Academy a little over a year ago after my son had been going here for several months - Over this period I've been able to expand myself mentally and physically; love the place!... It's a friendly and fun environment where you can develop and expand new skills, gain strength, confidence, and make new friends (and believe it or not It's even helped me get through with my lower back pain issues). Working hard is an A+ for promotions (belts are earned not given) and there is plenty of extra friendly help available from the sensei and upper class belts in case it's needed! The new dojo described in one word is AWESOME! Plenty of space, clean, and modern looking!

Totally recommend this martial arts school to anyone.... and yes I am over 49 and still kicking!!!!

Kara Knight
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I love this place. I get to work out, have fun, and the people who come all feel like a big group of friends. What else could you ask for?

Richard Garzon
via Google

Sensei Michael is a good man, great place for learning about life. Highly recommended

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Sensei Michael is one of the best instructors I have come across. My daughter came with a buddy and could not wait to join that night . Now I have 2 girls that attend Hero Academy. Sensei Michael teaches them discipline, and self defense. I am very excited to have a calm, and patient yet fun instructor to teach my girls. They can’t wait to get to class. We have told all our family and friends about the fun and hard work that my girls learn during each class.My little girl Gina says that when she gets to class she’s always exited. Adri is super hyped to learn something new. I would recommend Hero Academy to anyone big or small that wants to have fun but learn from a caring and supportive yet fun instructor.

Shannon Silva
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Sensei Michael has been absolutely amazing. Coming from a martial arts background, it was very difficult for me to find my forever home, well I have found It now. Sensei Michael really cares about each individual student and wants to see them succeed. The class is very energetic and you get a great work out as well. Each class I learn something new everyday!

Romina Papadopulos
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My whole life I’ve been an athlete. A few years back I suffered a health scare that put me in the hospital for a couple of days and a byproduct of that was that it conditioned a panic reaction anytime i felt out of breath from exercise. This interrupted my workouts for years. I could exercise but if my heart rate jumped a little too fast or I started breathing a little hard, I’d panic, start imagining the room closing in, and I’d quit immediately. I never stopped exercising but I suffered. Finally, a few months back I resolved I was gonna take control back of my body. I joined karate for stress management and to feel empowered. And what it did was teach me so much more. I found a new community of beautiful folks and a dedicated kind Sensei (Mike). I felt safe. I felt like they, my new community, would never let anything bad happen to me. And I started pushing myself harder and harder. And while at first I got a little shaky from nerves, i kept gaining confidence in the process and in myself. I overcame the panic trigger. I got my first yellow stripe yesterday and my husband reminded me how far I’d come since I was “intense exercise phobic”. I have regained that joy (I’m even jogging now) one gets when they trust themselves and their peers. I now enjoy exercising again from beginning to end. I feel powerful and emboldened to keep trying new things. I am forever grateful to Sensei Mike and his dojo for accepting me and allowing me to feel safe and capable.

Hallie Elduff
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If you are looking for a place for your kids to grow in martial arts and life skills — you have found it! We were looking for a new hobby for our five year old son to find an outlet for his seemingly limitless energy after being cooped up all summer long and heard about Hero Academy from a good friend. He absolutely loved his trial lessons and was hooked from the start; he repeatedly asked when he could go back again! Watching my son’s class it is obvious how much fun the kids are having and how much they are learning. In fact, the class looked so fun his older sister is now also enrolled in the older kid’s class, and she is also loving it! Sensei Michael is amazing with his students, making each class fun and engaging while also subtly teaching listening skills and discipline.

Robyn Cohen
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Cannot praise this dojo highly enough. Would give 10 stars if I could. Sensei Michael does amazing work with children, adolescents and adults. He is kind, patient and an excellent teacher. So grateful we found Hero!

Lisa Pauley
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We love Hero Academy for so many reasons!! Sensei Michael is the best!! He is fun and motivating and keeps the kids moving and engaged. The kids are excited to go to class twice a week because Sensei is an amazing teacher and treats everyone with compassion and kindness. We are very thankful we found this place!

Kristy Chadwick
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My two daughters joined Hero Academy last year and they have thoroughly enjoyed their time practicing karate. Not only have they adopted better balance and strength, but they have learned about leadership, kindness, and self-confidence, too. Sensei Michael is the only person I know that can get my girls to do push-ups with a smile on their face. They look forward to going to class with their karate friends. We are so glad that we found Hero Academy.

Daniel Fisher
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I have been receiving instruction at Hero Academy for about 2 years now and it might have been one of the best decisions I've ever made. I know most of the reviews here are from parents on behalf of their children, but I think it's important to note the excellence of the adult programming as well. Aside from of of the health benefits of learning a martial art, I wanted to highlight the benefit of working with Sensei Michael specifically. His approach is enthusiastic, supportive, and encouraging. I was an athlete in high school where I excelled and then, in adulthood, like so many others, I became sedentary just by nature of my work. Beginning my journey 2 years ago at Hero Academy felt like trying to push a freight train forward. Sensei Michael is the kind of man that will get out of his car and help you push your freight train forward and he'll do it with a smile! The community that has arisen around this school is wonderful. Sensei Michael has really set a tone of encouragement and inclusion. It doesn't matter how old you are or where you come from, if you want to learn, he will be happy to teach you and he will cheer the loudest when you've reached your intended milestones. I am grateful for his patience and willingness to challenge me to be the best version of myself which, of course, transcends martial arts. If you're on the fence about something like this, as I was, come meet Sensei and see for yourself. I'm so glad I did.

Natalie Glover
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I have so much more to say about this academy, but here's the short version: Hero Academy was recommended by many other parents, and after working out with them, I see why. I was looking for a place for my preteen daughter, who didn't have athletic experience, to get active and build confidence. I found SO MUCH MORE :). Bonus is that we could do it together, and I found out I needed it as much as she did! A win for the schedule! A win for the physical activity check box checked for the week! A win for finding something we could bond over! Fast forward: she's speaking up for herself, she's learned she's strong and fast, and she's learning to defend herself. And as for me, I've gone from a size 10 to a 6, and my flexibility, balance, and strength has skyrocketed! I can't say enough about Hero! -- do yourself a favor, don't waste any more time, come in and get active -- for your kids AND for yourself!

Lydsay Mullen
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My kids have tried many things, but they haven’t really enjoyed anything until now! Since attending, I’ve seen them transform physically and have much more coordination. But most importantly, classes at Hero has taught them confidence! I’m also taking classes with them so it’s been quality time spent together. Sensei Michael makes the classes fun while making us WORK! He is an amazing teacher and the studio itself is big, clean and an overall beautiful space. Highly recommend anyone of any age to join!

Kali Mauro
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Hero Academy is amazing! Both my son and I joined about 5 months ago. We both LOVE it! Sensei Michael definitely has a gift for teaching. He does an incredible job of teaching technique while adding in the importance of self respect, respect towards others, and discipline. Sensei Michael is very patient with the kids, making each one of them feel comfortable and confident. We look forward to many years of training here. I can’t wait till my son and I are able to be in the same class together.

Ruth Lisak
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We are so happy to have found Hero academy! Our two kids enjoy and look forward to class each week. Sensei Michael is incredible with all of the kids. He has a true gift for teaching discipline, responsibility, and confidence all while keeping the environment comfortable and SUPER FUN! I love to see how all of the kids in class genuinely admire and respect Sensei Michael.

Adrian Barajas
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Our children have been going here for only a few months, but we have seen a drastic change in their behavior. They love coming and look forward to every class.

Lydia Hinely
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I have been going to Hero for over 4 years now and it's a highlight of my week. Sensei Michael is great at making every class challenging and fun for all levels of fitness, coordination, and skill. The atmosphere is always welcoming, full of energy, and super encouraging. Coming here has definitely given me a huge boost in confidence and taught me valuable leadership skills. Thank you Sensei Michael!!

Jane Hudson
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I appreciate your investment of time in teaching my son. He has worked hard and practiced daily at home to get better. He was totally thrilled to receive his yellow strip and showed all of his friends. Your kindness and attentive leadership made an impression on him. You have boosted his confidence and helped him try to channel his anger better. I've seen it at home and it's a total reflection of what you've done with him in class. THANK YOU for believing in him, and we look forward to many more cycles with HERO ACADEMY!

Sarah Calvelage
via Google

I do not often write reviews however, I believe this is a time when it's due. My younger son has been begging me to get him into martial arts. I knew about Hero Academy from some local events in Longwood, friends and just passing by the studio. I originally was only going to sign up my 10 year old but after talking to the owner, Sensei Michael, I decided that my 13 year old might like to try the program as well. I went ahead and signed both of my boys up for the 3 day trial. I was amazed at the interaction between the students and parents. He is a very friendly and down to earth person and I can tell that he REALLY loves what he does and is able to make a real connection with the children and adults. Both of my boys really enjoyed the first day of the trial! My younger son said "I don't want to only be there two days a week, I want to go everyday!" while my older son on the way home just kept saying "He is such a nice person!" and "That was hard work but a lot of fun". It speaks volumes to me when you can meet someone who can make such and huge impact after one meeting. I look forward to enrolling the kids and watching them flourish within the program.

Christina Nation
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My 10 year old son started at Hero in September 2021. He lost his father in April 2021 and has had a very difficult time adjusting. Hero has saved my son. Michael, the owner, has been such a positive influence and role model and has been very accommodating with our busy/hectic schedule. I am so grateful we found Hero and I highly recommend this program.

Christopher Adams
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My 10 year old started in the Tigers class a few months ago, and it has already been so worth it. Sensai Michael is absolutely phenomenal with the kiddos, and classes are a great mix of challenging and fun.

My son still sometimes asks to skip Martial Arts classes because they are so exhausting for him, but EVERY drive home we are both so glad he went. If you want your child to be challenged to learn and grow in a respectful and fun environment, join us at Hero.

Gianna Longo
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I absolutely love this dojo! Sensei Michael is such a good hearted person who genuinely cares. The people I’ve met through here are like family to me now. 10/10 would recommend. If you’re thinking about joining martial arts, do it. You won’t regret it.

Annie Marie Cross-Codron
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My son's been attending for over a year and we love it. Wonderful leadership and values.

Nelson Rivera
via Google

Hero Academy and it's Sensei has an amazing connection with the students and teaches them courage, discipline, and focus, all while being in a fun environment. Don't know how he does it, but the Sensei really connects and reaches the students. Amazing class and my kid loves it. Highly recommended!

Alix Jaimes
via Google

My daughters have been attending Hero Academy for the past year. To this day they are passionate about the sport, look forward to the weekly classes and use what they learned in their everyday life. Sensei Michael teaches not only self-defense but also skills to develop greater emotional stability, self-confidence and, assertiveness. We are very proud to be part of the Hero family.

Lauren Hennessey
via Google

Hero Martial Arts has been amazing for our son. It’s incredible how Sensei Michael is able to adapt his instruction to the needs of each student. He has created a loving but tough environment where the students thrive. After only 2 months, I am seeing more confidence and more positive self talk from my son. I am so happy we found Sensei Michael and Hero Martial Arts!!

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My son started at Hero when he was 4 years old. It was the only Martial Arts place that would take him so young. He is now 7 years old and he still loves "Ninja School." Sensei Michael is the absolute best! He is firm and patient and he genuinely cares about each one of his students and their families. At Hero, we truly are a family and I would recommend it for anyone who is looking for an actual leadership and values based martial arts.

Tammy Anders
via Google

We found Hero Academy about 8 months ago and couldn’t be happier with Sensei Michael and his leadership, compassion, insight and professionalism. Since starting with Hero our 7 year old son has gained confidence, self awareness and a love for martial arts. Here is a recent experience with Sensei Michael:
Sensei Michael, tonight at the class you had our son help lead the last part of class with the hero talk. You must have known or felt he needed a boost or something. He was so happy and confident afterwards. Our family really appreciates you. Also wanted to let you know that I've been in the hospital all week and so he's been out of sorts and the extra attention from you was a boost he needed.

Crystal Mackey
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My son is autistic and decided he wanted to do karate this summer. He was so excited to start and we have been nothing but impressed! He has had so much fun learning and practicing with the group! Sensai Michael is so good with him and all the kids in the group. It’s really fun for the adults as well to watch the groups practice and have such a good time. This will be some thing my kiddo does for a long time! Cannot recommend more!

John Lochnicht
via Google

My son has been taking lessons for over a year [9-10yo] at HERO Academy with Sensei Michael. The care that Sensei Michael gives to these children is amazing! the patience Sensei Michael shows is top notch ! My son has grown with his teaching and gained more confidence all around. Sensei Michael has a calming, as well as an engaging way of helping the children learn . Summer camp classes are a great free time with many activities for the children's minds as well as physically. If you have ever thought about joining for yourself or your child, you'll have a great experience. YOU'LL LOVE IT

Valentina Popcov
via Google

As a parent of a neurodivergent child, finding the right environment for my daughter to grow physically, mentally, and emotionally was a priority. I am thrilled to say that Sensei Michael's martial arts classes have proven to be an extraordinary journey for my daughter, offering her not only physical strength but also an enriched spirit, improved social skills, and a soaring self-confidence.

From the very beginning, I noticed that Sensei Michael's teaching methods were unique and well-tailored to the individual needs of each student. His approach was filled with kindness, compassion, and understanding, which were essential for my daughter's progress. Yet, he also maintained a sense of strictness, instilling discipline and focus in the class. This balanced combination allowed my daughter to thrive in the environment, making progress she never thought possible.

Jessica Rosenfeld
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My son has been going here for a little over a year. He has participated in the Little Heroes Class every week and attended the summer camps this past summer. We can't speak highly enough of Hero and Sensei Michael. Our son is excited to go to karate every class and enjoys his time. He has learned and progressed so much over the last year. If you are searching for a martial arts academy search no further. Come try a FREE class and if you love it as much as we do (you will) then sign up!

Jennifer N
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I highly recommend Sensei Michael and Hero Academy Martial Arts. My son was struggling with anxiety surrounding the FSA. On the night before class, he didn't want to go to class but I encouraged him that it might help him feel better. After class and unprompted he said to me, "Mom I am so glad I went to karate tonight. Now I feel powerful to take the FSA." Watching the life lessons he is learning in karate and in Sensei Michael's class is priceless. He gets to see how goals, hard-work, consistency and dedication can manifest in other areas of his life.

Angelina Spoerl
via Google

Sensei Michael is one of the best instructors I have ever come across. My daughter came with a buddy and could not wait to join that night . Now I have two girls that attend Hero Academy. Sensei Michael teaches them discipline, and self defense. I am very excited to have a calm and patient, yet fun, instructor to teach my girls. They can’t wait to get to class! We have told all our family and friends about Hero Academy! My little girl Gina says that when she gets to class she’s always excited. Our older daughter Adri is in the Teen Class and is always super hyped to learn something new. I would recommend Hero Academy to anyone big or small that wants to have fun and learn from a caring and supportive instructor.

Troy and Christine DiMatteo
via Google

5 million out of 5... this place is the absolute best! Sensei Michael is a true hero to our family. His clear and concise instructions are delivered with the perfect blend of authority and kindness. My child has severe anxiety and these classes have helped him to overcome so much, and he has become so much more confident. Grayson looks forward to class and his focus and concentration are unbelievable at Hero which also adds to his concentration in school. It is amazing to watch, our family looks forward to every class. While the students learn the sport, they also learn social skills and positive ways to interact with others. I cannot say enough about how WONDERFUL Hero Academy in Longwood is.

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